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Lá Por Fora – Como o Canadá lida com o bullying


Enviado por Luís Sottomaior Braga.

Lá ao contrário de cá, a discussão do bullying não é feita numa perspectiva psicológica e emocional mas sim sociológica, jurídica e centrada em abordagens de direitos humanos.

 Fica um excerto ao nível da prevenção. Podem saber mais em Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre

Preventing Bullying: Who is Responsible?

Addressing bullying in schools is everyone’s responsibility. It takes the entire community and school to determine the problems, how to combat these problems, and take action to end bullying.

Deciding How To Address A Bullying Incident.

The Alberta Education Website Says:

As schools develop their own guidelines or steps for responding to a student who has bullied, they may wish to consider the following components:

  • ensuring the safety of other students
  • helping the student who bullied to change his or her behaviours and attitudes
  • taking immediate action to stop the behaviour (e.g., sending the student to the office or another predetermined location) identifying and applying the appropriate level of intervention depending on the nature, degree and duration of bullying behaviours, for example:
  • pointing out the impact on the student who was bullied and any observers
    • reminding the student of the school’s rules or behavioural expectations
    • imposing consequences (e.g., loss of privilege)
    • reporting or referring to police, counsellor or other professionals
    • creating an individual safety and support plan
  • contacting the student’s parents regarding the incident and the school’s response.
  • tracking the incident using a form or other method.


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